The reputation of your company doesn’t depend only on how much customers like your products and services.

Your reputation as an employer can affect your reputation as a company.

Small companies are not always able to attract the best people you may need as your business evolves, on compensation alone.


Branding and Communication

Google is a great search engine, but they also have a brand as being a great employer. In order to attract top talent, it’s necessary to provide an employee value proposition so candidates clearly see the value on offer.

  • Strengthen the organisation’s recruiting and retention messaging to create an employer brand that appeals to all generations.
  • Establish supporting policies and procedures that differentiate employer branding.
  • Develop hiring strategies that attract and keep the most talented people.
  • Build transparent corporate communicationo encourage loyalty and increase employee engagement.
  • Create initiatives that entice the younger employees, and integrate other generations to take advantage of having different generations working together.
  • Use tools that connect with target candidates in their own voice. Key messages, tone, and imagery used in employee communications should be appropriate and targeted for the generation.

Millennials in particular are interested in knowing why they should come and work for you.

  • Consider designating someone to be a Reputation Officer to protect and enhance your employer brand.


Become an Employer of Choice

By providing bluechip Employee Benefits programs, you are better able to attract and retain great employees.