How close are you to a balanced neurochemistry is the degree to which you will experience peak performance

Science is crystal clear about it:

All behaviour has a corresponding chemical pattern in the brain

Through your daily behaviors and the environments you create your biochemical profile and this is reflected in the emotions, energy, thoughts, actions, and psychological states that either bring you to peak performance or that block your best functioning.

Your thoughts, actions, behaviours, energy levels, your moods, your desires, dreams and motivations, are all driven by your brain chemistry. And in turn these all drive your brain chemistry.

Neurotransmitters, such as serotonin and dopamine, create and propagate your feelings moods, thoughts and behaviours, as manifested in physiological and psychological changes in how we experience our lives.

Here is how you will know that an out of balance brain chemistry is driving your behaviours.

1. Unhappy
Contentment, happiness, appreciation are emotions not forthcoming to an out of balanced brain.

2.  Stressed

A neurochemically imbalanced body is stressed.

3. Unclear Perception

An out of balance mind is dull and foggy.
And it lacks insight.
And tends to misperceive in the direction of the imbalance. 

4. Driven to strange lifestyles

When your brain chemistry is out of balance, you are driven into unhealthy lifestyles and behaviours that will keep it out of balance.

5. Doing the same old things that you want to change

There are numerous physiological feedback loops that act to keep it at the old status.
You are unable to take deliberate conscious actions to bring your brain chemistry back into balance.
Alter your brain chemistry, manipulate your neurochemical profile
Through your daily behaviors and the environments in which you spend your time you can create the emotions, energy, thoughts, actions, and psychological states that you want.
You need 3-6 weeks of consistent action to begin to see some real noticeable results in your behavior changes.
However, the brain seeks to return to the old baseline for about 3-6 months.
So when you do not follow through with your changed behavior the brain will gravitate back to the original unbalanced baseline.
It takes 6-12 months of compliance with the new behavior to affect the enzymatic changes that change the brain chemistry baseline.
The new behaviors that keep an optimal brain chemistry for you then become part of what you naturally do.


Optimising you brain chemistry and neurotransmitter profile can produce incredible results

Take the time and effort to promote your optimal brain chemistry, talents, and dreams.