In a recent CEO survey by HBR, Robert Kaplan, the Conference Board, and the Journal of Change Management identify strategy execution as one of their respondents’ top challenges. In fact, many agree that executing a strategy is more important than formulating that strategy initially.

Interesting findings include:

  • 66% of HR organisations develop strategic plans that are not linked to the enterprise strategy
  • 95% of employees in most organisations do not understand their organisation’s strategy

Even the best-laid strategic HR plans may fail when specific HR initiatives are poorly chosen or implemented.

In addition to fitting with each of the four factors just described (organisational strategy, environment, organisational characteristics, and organisational capabilities), a firm’s HR strategies are more likely to be effective if they reinforce one another rather than work at cross-purposes.

For instance, many organisations are currently trying to improve their performance by structuring work in teams. However, these same organisations often continue to use a traditional performance appraisal system in which each employee is evaluated individually.

The appraisal system needs to be overhauled to make it consistent with the emphasis on team performance.

 HR Best (Tactics) Practices


HR Best (Tactics) Practices