The HR Department should continuously monitor a competitive and fair compensation system and maintains a standardised classification plan that supports employee career development which enables the organisation to hire and retain qualified employees.

The continued rise in benefits costs and the time consuming administration of plans are forcing employers to find ways to contain the spiraling costs.

The HR Department should continuously explore sustainable compensation structures, review and restructure existing plans in being aligned with current and anticipated economic conditions and operational needs.

The aim is:

  1. Establish classification and compensation methods which promote flexible and sound principles and supports the organisation beliefs and values.
  2. Ensure that classification plans and job specifications promote the career mobility of employees by focusing on transferable knowledge, skills, and abilities. Identify, promote, and encourage career paths that cross job series and department lines.
  3. Research and recommend equitable, consistent, and competitive salaries for departmental positions.
  4. Work collaboratively with departments to plan and implement classification and organisational structure changes.
  5. Eliminate artificial employment barriers by assuring that qualifications, knowledge, skills, and abilities required are appropriate for successful job performance.
  6. Measure and monitor classification and compensation process completion and quality to ensure efficient and responsive delivery of services.