According to CIPD, HR leaders and managers today are embracing workforce diversity and inclusion. Diversity comprises not just the differences in people’s demographic characteristics (gender, language, culture and so on) but also work styles and opinions. Although diversity has been shown to bring organisations clear benefits in the form of greater innovation potential and an improved customer experience, people management processes (for example lengthy and rigidly enforced behavioural frameworks) can inadvertently favour ‘sameness’ over the desirable level of variety in local teams and corporately.

The aim is:

  1. Attain and retain a workforce that reflects the diversity throughout all job categories and job levels. Create and foster a work environment that recognises, appreciates, and values diversity.
  2. Establish and maintain awareness and support at all levels in the organisation for the goals of equal employment. Foster understanding and awareness of equal employment opportunity.
  3. Establish and maintain clear and open lines of communication to prevent and resolve discrimination issues and complaints in a fair and equitable manner.