Every entity is made up of multiple parts that can operate together as one or individually as many.

Operating as one enables organisations to achieve scale economies, leverage technology and a common brand, transfer best practices, share the best people, exchange valuable information, present “one face” to the customer, coordinate sales or pricing, and stamp out duplication.

Operating as many frees the parts to shape their own individual paths in pursuit of their particular missions and the results expected of them, thus heightening their sense of responsibility, tightening the perceived link between their actions to results, and intensifying their motivation to perform.

OPERATING AS MANY … PERFORMING AS ONE entails a lean management system structure adhering to four management disciplines:

  • delivering value efficiently to the customer,
  • enabling people to lead and contribute to their fullest potential,
  • discovering better ways of working, and
  • connecting strategy, goals, and meaningful purpose.

Together, these form the lean-management system, an integrated approach that transforms the entire organisation from the front line to the executive suite, allowing it to renew itself continuously for lasting value.