Corporate Restructuring in all forms are undertaken in pursuit of becoming more adaptive and resilient in the face of financial, competitive, and economic pressures.

However, many change initiatives fail and yield new problems in addition to those it was trying to solve.

Organisational change

Organisational change comes in many forms: restructurings, transformations of work processes, and assimilating mergers and acquisitions.

agility, Adaptability, readiness and flexibility are increasingly important for organisational success

Coping with change in times of uncertainty is one if the greatest challenges facing organisations today.

Implement a comprehensive change management plan to ensure new strategies and approaches are easily understood and quickly adopted throughout the organisation.

When change is well executed, it can lead to improvements in productivity, innovation, customer care and engagement.


Landing transformational change

This CIPD report covers some of the thinking and innovative ideas in the field of change management that can help to land transformational change. Drawing on a comprehensive literature review on change management the report develops ten themes on transformational change practice to provide a platform of knowledge on designing, managing and embedding change essential for OD, L&D and HR professionals.

Landing transformational change – report

Transformational change – key action points

Transformational change: theory and practice

A look at how transformational change themes apply in practice, with case studies providing practical examples.

Explores how the themes on transformational change apply in practice.

This CIPD report, ‘Landing transformational change: Closing the gap between theory and practice’ explores how the themes identified in earlier research apply in practice.

Case studies from organisations provide practical examples of how they approached transformational change.

The report also includes recommendations that HR, OD and L&D professionals should consider for their organisations and their own skill set, if they are to be successful expert initiators and facilitators of transformational change.


Download the report and individual case studies below:

Landing transformational change: closing the gap between theory and practice – Report

BBC Worldwide case study

HMRC case study

News UK

Zurich Life


Rebalancing your growth portfolio

Successful companies rebalance their portfolios, thinking about which businesses to grow and which to divest, as to avoid earnings dilution and cash flow demands.

Make strategic mergers, acquisitions, or divestitures to optimise product portfolios and provide cost and operating synergies

Mergers and acquisitions are far more challenging than most companies anticipated, and the expected synergies may never be realised. Merger integration calls for organisation restructuring, enhanced internal communications to address cultural integration, a shared decision-making system, talent management, compensation incentives, and robust employee and customer retention tactics.

Whether it is conducting due diligence, implementing transition plans, or integrating cultures, our resources can have a positive impact and deliver sustainable results.

Alliances and joint ventures serve many purposes, including filling gaps in capabilities or facilitating new market entry.

Finally, divestitures must be diligently orchestrated, by evaluating options and value of business to be divested.