According to a recent HfS study of 189 outsourcing buyers, they express top concern over service delivery.

 Suppliers and business partner measures:

  • The quality and effectiveness of activity throughout the supply chain
  • Cost efficiency, service, on-time delivery against objectives, efficiency, and responsiveness to enquiry.

Rating could be a reflection on internal resourcing, the legacy operating models that have been developed over time, or the satisfaction levels with existing outsourcing providers.


  • Reliability

Ability to perform the promised service dependably, accurately, and consistently.

  • Responsiveness

Willingness to help customers and provide prompt service.

  • Courtesy

Politeness, respect, consideration, and friendliness of the contact staff.

  • Competence

Possession of necessary skills and knowledge to perform a given service.

  • Credibility

Trustworthiness, honesty, and integrity of the service organisation.

  • Accessibility

Ease of contact and approachability of the service organisation.

  • Communication

The process of keeping customers informed, in language they can understand.

  • Understanding Customer Needs

Ability to determine customer needs.

  • Appearance

Appearance of the physical work area, equipment, personnel, and information.