“Strategy That Works” co-author, Paul Leinwand, brings to life some key concepts from the book. Building on more than a decade of research, he explains how companies like Haier, CEMEX, and Adidas have succeeded over time.

“Success comes from making a promise about the value you’re going to create, and then focusing everything you have on delivering that promise. It’s about what you do, not what you sell.”


Strategy That Works: How Winning Companies Close the Strategy-to-Execution Gap

Based on a decade of research and insights from 14 iconic companies, from the book “Strategy That Works” reveals the formula for success.

It works across every industry – from technology to commodities, from real estate to cosmetics.

The secret?

Five unconventional acts the world’s leading companies use to win.

In order to build a strategy actually built to execute, you need to do the opposite of what most companies do.