Digitization is key to meet customer expectations and protect core businesses today.

To not only stay in the game but capture new sources of value, companies will need to reinvent their customer experience.

That begins with bringing in data and analytics-based insights about what really matters to customers and how best to deliver it to them. Some companies fail to capture the full benefits of their improvement efforts because they concentrate on optimizing individual touchpoints rather than tackling the customer experience as customers actually experience it—a complete journey that cuts across multiple functions and channels.

Digital is reshaping customer experience in almost every sector.

Think of how consumers behave in the digital world.

Customers search, download, pay, and listen to music all in one go, so why should their electrical service or car insurance still make them go through separate steps for searching, price quotation, purchasing, invoicing, delivery, payment, and activation?


Customers interact and setting a high bar for simplicity, personalization, and interactivity.

To create a great customer journey, you need more than great touchpoints.

A customer journey can score low for satisfaction even when individual touchpoints score well.

According to Mckinsey research, companies that are achieving digitization at scale have developed a distinct structure that enables them to digitize their most important customer experiences at scale and at speed—in a consistent way, with consistent resources, to produce consistent results.

In doing so they transform much of the rest of their organizations, from product and process design through to technology and culture, becoming truly digital businesses.

Watch Christopher Paquette on how to scale and accelerate a digital transformation.

Companies that want to win at digital adoption are recognizing that they must reimagine and digitize entire “customer journeys.” These are the beginning-to-end processes that customers experience in getting the product or service they need, across whichever channels they choose.