Businesses have multiple outsourcing vendors and countless interactions that form their ecosystem.

And it is very likely that the information they receive is often incomplete, inaccurate, or out of sequence.

The ecosystem is growing, and with it, the cost and complexity of managing outsourcing engagements
But there is a solution.


Key components include the following:
• Serve as a single point of contact
• Create, agree, and implement collaborative agreements and operational-level agreements with each service provider.
• Act as performance manager on behalf of the customer with respect to all service providers, working with them to diagnose and fix root causes of problems and incidents.
• Monitor, measure, and report the end-to-end service.
• Ensure processes are focused on delivering outcomes.

Operations Design, Strategy Development and Execution

  • Coordination and Management of Dispersed HR Outsourcing Teams – Transaction, Transition, Transformation- Change Management
  • Sourcing Strategy and Service Design