According to Herrmann Solutions, numerous recent surveys, confirm that innovation as one of their top priorities, showing that innovation fuels long-term growth.

Business leaders deliver speech after speech calling for a fresh commitment to new ideas, emulating the Steve Jobs’s of the world, the new technology innovators, those who come up with clever solutions or new products that transform entire markets and industries.

Creativity, is one of the most important factors for their future success.


However, despite of all this conversation, most companies still haven’t been successful in making creativity a core leadership skill.

The short-term needs, immediate priorities, and pressure from shareholders, customers and investors continue to win out over the long-term mindset that’s essential for driving successful innovation.

Even where investments are being made, in too many instances, they’re not paying off.

Research shows mindfulness leads to significant changes in the brain-more cognitive flexibility, creativity and innovative drive, higher levels of well-being, better emotional regulation and more empathy, as reflected in increased levels of alpha and beta brain wave activity.
The National Institute of Health is currently financing more than 50 studies testing the potential health benefits of mindfulness techniques.

A University of Pennsylvania study in which mindfulness meditation training was provided to a high stress U.S. military group preparing for deployment to Iraq has demonstrated a positive link between mindfulness training and improvements in mood and working memory.


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