You want the best employees working for your company. Recruiting and retaining the best, is essential, since they are the drivers for your profitability.

At the same time, you need to look into your employment relationship, and make sure that the best want to work for your company.

Employees, now have more employment choices than ever, and they will seek work environments that fit their lifestyle.

You need to be able to offer first rate employee benefits, that set you apart from the competition, that as it happens, are after the very same, best employees.


Did You Know?

According to Unum research, only a third give their staff a benefits statement to demonstrate the worth of their perks.

Cass Business School estimates that failing to tell employees about benefits schemes costs UK companies £2.7 billion a year through increased staff turnover and sickness absence.

Simply sending emails or having an annual benefits drill is not enough.

Employers need to be more creative with their communications, using a variety of methods and times to get the information across.


Today’s digital employees expect deep and personal connections.

Many companies have expensive benefits packages in place which are not properly communicated.

Did You Know?

There is a positive correlation between the number of communication channels a business uses and employee benefit take-up.

64% of businesses have good employee benefits in place, but don’t promote them effectively to their employees.

Employee retention and engagement is lower amongst employees who are not properly informed of the benefits on offer, and as a result are more likely to  leave the company for a competitor.

The rise of technology is enabling companies to deliver their message across a multitude of channels, as well as reinforcing their efforts to anticipate the everyday lives of people by informing, guiding and enhancing their wellbeing in and out of work.


We understand,  that small companies are not always able, to attract high performers on compensation alone. Talent supply is shrinking, and companies will need strategies to attract the best and the brightest from this condensed labour pool.

It requires pushing recruiting efforts beyond, and marketing their employer of choice brand.

We understand what your company has to offer, and the many facets that affect employee satisfaction, so that you can attract and retain top talent.

After all, it’s the top performers that take your business to a new level.


Now imagine if you could recruit the best employees, and retain top performers. Imagine if you could sustain, your employees health and wellbeing through integrated work-life balance,  and an innovative employee assistance program. And being able to offer bluechip employee benefits, from the LARGEST UK EMPLOYEE DISCOUNTS NETWORK, and best performing retirement plan.


A world of countless Benefits opens up

You will be able to offer bluechip health and wellbeing benefits, very cost effectively, and the co-employment management company will handle all the administration for you. Also help you comply with the new auto-enrolment and pensions regulations.

Securing your employees financial future, is extremely important, when you target the best employees.

With co-employment, you get access to the best benefits package, lifestyle discounts, and a top performing pension with the lowest admin fees for your employees. When it comes to health, you get all the standard doctors appointment support, private prescription service, a health advocate programme, and an Employee assistance programme, for personal and emotional issues of your employees and their family. Plus a healthcare cash plan, with accidental injury protection.


Use new ideas, trends, insights and technology to deepen your employee relationships, making them feel valued, appreciated in a way that strengthens your ‘employer of choice’ brand.

With co-employment, your company can rest assured that all your payroll administration and compliance management needs will be handled with precision and focus, while avoiding the overwhelming burden of legal and regulatory compliance on your time and resources.