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Employers are 87% more likely to violate an employment related law without HR expertise.


HR Administration/Compliance – managing employees in a litigation biased society is dangerous. Just one major lawsuit can bring your business to a halt.

Unless you employ a well-trained HR staff to provide HR administration & compliance services, you should consider a co-employment shared services solution for this mine-filled activity.

Keeping track of all the laws and the countless changes to those laws can be a daunting and time-consuming task. The co-employment management company acting as the ‘employer of record’ stays abreast of these laws and can help ensure that your company is compliant.

Common HR challenges include:

  • Maintaining a safe and productive work environment;
  • Making daily employment decisions that comply with laws;
  • Remitting employment taxes


Did You Know?



If mismanaged, any one of these challenges can lead to employment lawsuits, penalties and fines. Under the co-employment arrangement, the employer is protected and receives guidance through the entire employment life-cycle.

Keep Up with Changing Regulations

Ensure your business is in compliance with changing regulations can be a tedious, complex process. Protect your business from costly non-compliance penalties while helping you stabilise workers’ comp costs, enhance productivity, and reduce turnover.

Maintain Regulatory Compliance

Safety professionals assist in limiting your exposure to employment-related lawsuits, and are available at any time to help create a compliant safety manual customised to your worksite and employee situation.

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Lack of experience in handling situations and an overreaction can lead to a damaging lawsuit. 


Professional employee handbooks: A company’s employee handbook is a resource outlining expected and unacceptable behaviours for its staff. A poorly compiled handbook can create legal liabilities.

Due to continually changing regulation, having an updated employee handbook is difficult, time-consuming and costly.

These documents are updated continuously by top labour lawyers to ensure compliance.

Did You Know?

Statistics show that employer/employee conflicts are one of the fastest-growing areas of litigation.


The co-employment management company acting as the ‘administrative employer of record’ helps to protect and safeguard your company by providing you with legal and regulatory compliance- to protect you and employees against employee litigation involving age and race discrimination, sexual harassment, wrongful termination, etc – that strengthen your business.

Did You Know?



The potential financial risk to your company if you are not covered is tremendous. The potential cost of a discrimination claim can threaten the future viability of your business.

Most importantly, employee-related claims are on the rise, and include a number of different issues, including:

  • Sexual Harassment and Discrimination
  • Wage Disputes and Hourly Disputes
  • WrongfulTermination and Breach of Contract
  • Negligent Promotion and Negligent Supervision
  • Emotional Distress and Invasion of Privacy

You can avoid damage awards that threaten your company’s financial resources and business focus. .
The co-employment management company acting as the ‘administrative employer of record’ shares employment practices liability with you and provide coverage for claims resulting from wrongful employment.

More Safety…Less Liability

Proper human resources and safety practices reduce employer risks by improving employee morale, lowering turnover costs and possible employee litigation.

The co-employment management company is proactive in risk management and accident prevention with certified safety professionals and regulatory compliance experts, capable in identifying mitigating and managing each of these potential compliance risks for you.

Gain access to expert support on everything there is to know about labour and tax laws as to avoid costly penalties.

Take advantage of suggestions for workplace policies and customise the way you run functions your business to help minimise liability, and save you money.

The co-employment management company provides professional assistance with employment-related challenges and manages compliance-related administrative tasks:

  • Regulatory compliance;
  • Compliance management practices / Legal Services;
  • Payroll processing and tax administration- Benefits procurement;
  • Workplace safety programs;
  • Compliant hiring and termination practices;
  • Conflict Resolution, Workplace Violence, Discrimination and harassment guidance;
  • Consistent employment policies; Employee Grievance Processes
  • Wage-and-hour compliance;
  • Employee relations assistance;
  • Training (safety, discrimination, harassment and other compliance related issues
  • Employee Handbooks

Avoid Litigation Costs – Fines & Revenue Loss

  • Laws / Regulations
  • Workplace Safety
  • Workplace Discrimination – Sexual harassment
  • Safety training
  • Complaint procedures training
  • Accident investigations
  • Employee (confidentiality / non-compete) agreements

HR account managers work closely with client companies thereby reducing exposure to wrongful termination, discrimination and other employee lawsuits.

Safety Experts will help you stay compliant and keep you and your employees safe and minimise unwanted risk.

In the event of a workers’ compensation claim or incident, the co-employment management company acting as the ‘administrative employer of record’ will manage the claim

The Result: A quality workforce that is safety-oriented and productive – saving you money, reducing your liability by handling all claims management and safety compliance and increasing your productivity.