• Improve the performance of your employees and your entire business.
  • Focus your people on what matters and keep everyone engaged and accountable.
  • Unleash new potential across your organisation’s HR  by delivering great operational efficiency and effectiveness.

Co-employment has several potential benefits:

Co-employment can help you keep your business competitive and profitable.

Co-employment can be a major contributor to improving operational efficiencies while, at the same time, increasing employee satisfaction and reducing operating costs as well as improve your cashflow and open avenues of growth.


Organisational-driven Reasons

  • It frees the internal HR staff to focus on revenue-generating activities that add more values than transactional, administrative tasks
  • Enhances effectiveness by focusing on what you do best
  • Increases flexibility to meet changing business conditions
  • Increases customer satisfaction, and shareholder value
  • Increases corporate robustness by professional support functions in coordinating information flow
  • Transforms the organisation – Enhances company’s ability to integrate processes
  • It facilitates access to new ideas and approaches outside the organisation.


Improvement-driven Reasons

  • Improves operating performance
  • Offers expertise, skills, and technologies that would not otherwise be available
  • Improves management and control
  • Improves risk management
  • Acquire innovative ideas
  • Improves credibility and image by associating with superior providers


Financially-driven Reasons

  • Reduces investments in assets and frees up these resources for other purposes
  • Generates cash by transferring procurement costs to the co-employment management company


Revenue-driven Reasons

  • Gains access and business opportunities through the co-employment community network
  • Accelerates expansion by tapping into the co-employment management company’s developed capacity, processes, and systems


Cost-driven Reasons

  • Reduces costs through HR efficiencies and the co-employer’s lower cost structure
  • Turns fixed costs into variable costs


Employee-driven Reasons

  • Increases commitment and healthy energy
  • Engagement, motivation, satisfaction, happiness


The Co-employment relationship impacts across all performance dimensions

The Co-employment relationship impacts across all performance dimensions and on the way people work , reducing levels of absence and improving levels of employee engagement and in doing so, is able to generate significant cost savings and productivity enhancements for  our co-employment member companies.


Enhances convenience and employee benefits for a BETTER QUALITY OF LIFE.

Making life easier for both employers and employees with HR support, business protection and hands-on processing in all employment-related matters.

Forward thinking, employee-focused co-employment community members, take advantage of  what co-employment has to offer; build their employer of choice brand and attract and retain better than competitors.

And Co-employment is for everyone.

Opening up a world of countless Benefits!

Will  your company  be among them?