Exploring Shared Value: Use Inter-organizational Networks and Vertical Leadership Development, as a Strategy for Business Success and Positive Societal Impact

According to Dr. Charles J. Palus, Senior Fellow at  CCL, positive societal impact and business success do not need to be at odds. Increasingly, companies are connecting the two in their strategies for economic success and sustainable growth.

Business success + positive societal impact = sustainable growth

Corporations such as Novo Nordisk, Unilever, PepsiCo, Nestle, Coca-Cola and Wilh. Wilhelmsen are integrating the idea of creating shared value into their business strategies.

These companies are connecting and collaborating within a network of organizations, across sectors, all with similar aims in mind: to improve societal well-being while driving economic success. This is made possible by an increasing level of interdependence among markets, communities, and environments around the globe. Everything is connected. Players of all sizes, structures, and missions are beginning to practice strategies for managing and leading within this connected world.

Inter-organizational networks can be key drivers of the leadership strategies needed to create shared value. You and your organization can provide leadership and develop your leadership bench strength by participating in and shaping cross-sector inter-organizational networks. Collectively, these networks can address societal needs, challenges, and opportunities in ways that, working individually, would be impossible.

In this paper, we suggest three steps that you and your leadership team can take to advance your efforts of creating shared value.

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