Are you creating value for your firm?

It’s a tough world out there and only firms that succeed in creating value will survive in the long-term. The key is to focus on what your customers really want.

Journal of Management Excellence: Creating Value

Creating value is the most important objective of every organization, but it is also the hardest to define.



Oracle takes a look at the many different ways to create value.


  • Connect Enterprise Performance Management Processes to Drive Business Value (Ivo Bauermann)
  • Commentary: If You Are Ready, Now Is the Time! (John Kopcke)
  • The Need for Profitability Management (VJ Lal)
  • Commentary: The Complete Value of an Enterprise Performance Management System (Thomas Oestreich)
  • Centraal Boekhuis: Creating Value by Delivering Business Intelligence as a Service (Emiel van Bockel)
  • Commentary: The Overinstrumented Enterprise (James Taylor)
  • True Value Index: A Measure for Sustainable Business Success (Frank Buytendijk)
  • Industry Insights (Mark Conway)



In part two of this series, Oracle‘s newsletter takes another look at the many different ways to create value.


  • World-Class EPM Drives More Than Twice The Shareholder Return (Tom Willman)
  • Commentary: Creating Value By Doing More With Less (Thomas Oestreich)
  • The First Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Index Reveals Modest (Steve Walker)
  • Achievement of Management Excellence (Steve Walker)
  • Guest Commentary: Closing The Loop (Wayne Eckerson)
  • Uncertainty Management: The Source of All Management Value (Jim Franklin)
  • Managing Stakeholder Value With Analysis Chains (Tony Politano)
  • Building the Business Case For Return on Enterprise Performance Management Investment (Ron Dimon)
  • Industry Insights (Mark Conway)


Companies struggle to maintain their position in a constantly changing business ecosystem.

How is then possible to create and preserve their value?

The answer for Michael G. Jacobides is not to resist change but, rather, to reshape their sector in the business ecosystem.

Whether we speak of a company or an individual, the only way to cope with our complicated, dynamic and insecure world for Michael Jacobides is to focus on emerging needs, to strengthen our skills, to run quicker than competition, to look for alliances, to adapt.

Survival in the business ecosystem requires becoming less replaceable and building differentiability.