To ensure continuous innovation and competitiveness, firms increasingly leverage external knowledge through collaboration.

Frank Tietse and Ghita Dragsdahl Lauritsen, Institute for Manufacturing, University of Cambridge


Businesses must develop ecosystem collaboration; a strong ecosystem of partners stretching across the value chain that revs-up profitable growth.

As strategy and management expert Gary Hamel contests, “Companies that win are going to be the ones that are the most creative in harnessing and leveraging the skills and talents of interested outsiders.”

The future of HR consists of trained expert business partners linked to networks of subject matter specialists, to work together on initiatives like workforce planning, engagement, turnover, and leadership development, supported by shared service centers for transactional work.


Former Sun Microsystems CEO Bill Joy said:

“No matter who you are, most of the smartest people work for someone else.”

As a result many innovations and best practices reside with other organisations. And this calls for companies to be operating within the broader context of their business ecosystem, as to gain more access to greater set of resources.

Exposing business leaders to different innovation models, instilling entrepreneurial mindsets in firms and linking business leaders to external sources.

Sigmar Gabriel, Vice-Chancellor and Federal Minister of Economic Affairs and Energy for Germany

According to Accenture research, today’s high performing organisations think of an ecosystem of partners, beyond a transaction-based relationship, functioning in an “as-a-service,” virtual ecosystem, offering a competitive advantage for the business in terms of speed, simplicity, lower cost and faster growth.


New era of workplace enablers for Leveraging the ‘Extended – Shared Services –Enterprise

Collaborative Engagement seen as a Shared Purpose ecosystem provides a new mindset that captures a shift in the business landscape. Now is possible for companies to take advantage of assets they do not own nor control.

That will require a shared purpose mindset throughout the organisation.

Ecosystem Collaboration—Infographic
New Engines for Growth and Competitiveness in the Digital Age

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