Dynamics of the Digital Organization [videos]


As new technologies cause value chains to rapidly evolve and organizational boundaries to blur, human roles and tasks are also digitizing, as machines alter how knowledge work is performed.

In this video, Euan Davis, Senior Director at Cognizant’s Center of Future of Work introduces you to the research.

A new look at the dynamics of the digital organization.

Here’s the five things you need to know. Number 1, talent needs directing through the prism of the platform. The platform really does drive digital. Number 2, you really need to think about setting the organizational firepower for innovation.

You need new structures that can drive digital innovation into your business. Number 3, reset the power dynamics and decision making, so you can key into some of those talent clusters which we’ve found emerging in the world. Number 4, start thinking about the work architecture that needs building for work.

Start thinking about how machines and people will begin working together. New workflows will emerge. And number 5, leaders really need to bet big or go home. There’s some strategic hedges that this new digital world demands. So, all in all, leaders have a really, really tough road ahead. It’s time to get serious.


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