According to  the purpose of the Heineken Go Places campaign is to give people a glimpse of what Heineken is all about and encourage them to take a quiz; 12 questions, which must be answered in three to five seconds.

Based on their answers, candidates are given a personal profile and prompted to send it along with their resume and apply for a job at Heineken on LinkedIn. Here’s a look at the campaign Manifesto, and you can take the interview here.

 “By being creative and bold we managed to deliver a unique campaign with limited resources,” says Alfonso Auñón García, Heineken’s Head of Talent Acquisition.

“We realized it was the right time to tell everyone our story,” says Alfonso. By doing this, “We had the opportunity to improve the quality of the applicants we were attracting by giving them a real taste of what it will be like at Heineken so they can self-select out,” he says. “We didn’t want to attract more applicants, we wanted to attract people who will have a passion for working for us.”


 explains how Heineken’s employer brand story and Go Places to life was developed

Building the story for Heineken’s employer brand and creating the Go Places campaign took nearly 2 years.

Here’s how they created this amazing campaign with limited resources:

Asked employees and outsiders a series of questions to identify the essence of Heineken’s employer brand

To understand what makes Heineken, Heineken, Alfonso and team started by doing some research. They looked at 20 countries in different functions and asked Heineken employees questions like:

  • What do you think about our leaders?
  • What do you love / hate about the company?
  • What is our culture about?
  • If you were to leave, where would you go and why?

The next step was validating this research by going out and asking people of all ages if their Heineken story was “sexy.”

Would they want to work for a company like that?

Did it sound like Heineken?

“We saw from this research that we had an employer branding story with a lot of potential,” says Alfonso. And, they knew that if they wanted to turn this into something truly great, they would need the support of other teams.

Got buy-in and partnered with Heineken’s HR, Marketing and Communications teams

“Marketing saw the potential of reaching out to consumers from a different angle and appealing to millennials (our target market) with a bigger story,” says Alfonso. “They put everything behind it.”

“I do not believe in different stories for consumer and employer brand – I believe in one story that makes sense that we tell in different ways to different audiences,” says Alfonso. It had to be a company effort so that the employer brand was in sync with the consumer brand and who the company is as a whole.

Used their employer brand research to create the Go Places manifesto

Along with marketing, insights, HR and comms, Alfonso and team spent a lot of time crafting the employer brand DNA based on their research. And, they decided on three core company values that would be a springboard for the Go Places campaign: fame, adventure, and friends.

“We asked ourselves – what are we really about?” says Alfonso.

“We believe in a world of opportunity, experiences and diversity,” he says.

And that’s why Dr. Suess’s Oh the Places You’ll Go came into the picture. The “going places” theme set the tone for the campaign. “Go Places became what we rally behind as an organization.

“It’s about thinking different, daring to do new things, and exploring,” says Alfonso.

Created the interactive “Interview” to engage potential candidates and screen for personality  

Once they had their core values of fame, adventure, and friends, “we asked ourselves, what kind of people are more likely to be successful in such an environment?’” says Alfonso.

“And, we distilled 3 traits per value. For example, under fame, we have ‘commitment to win,’ under adventure we have ‘creativity’ and under friends we have “sense of humor.’” The next step was creating a fun experience that would test for these traits.

“We didn’t want it to be a long boring personality test,” says Alfonso. “So in our Heineken way, we developed questions that help determine traits.” For example, interviewees are shown the scene below and asked to click which makes them more anxious: the room full of people, or the room with one floating man.

Or, interviewees are shown the below image and asked to select if they are either “independent” or “dependable”:

And, the total responses lead to one of eight possible profiles for people who take the “Interview”:

  • The Pioneer
  • The Enthusiast
  • The High-Flyer
  • The Initiator
  • The Mediator
  • The Traditionalist
  • The Achiever
  • The Investigator

In addition, real Heineken employees and stories were used in the “Interview,” giving it an even more personal touch.

After the completing the interview, people are driven to Heineken’s LinkedIn page, where they can explore job openings and apply. They can also share their results with friends on social, like so:

“If people love it and apply, they can then potentially come into real life interviews and talk about their results. It’s a springboard for conversations.”


The results

Of the thousands of people who have taken the 6 minute quiz, 70% have completed it and 13% of those people have applied to jobs at Heineken.

“It’s performing extremely well in completion of experience, showing that once people start the ‘Interview’, they love it,” says Alfonso. And “If the engagement is high, the right people will apply to work at Heineken.”

We want people to think “this company is different from any I’ve seen before,” says Alfonso. “And we couldn’t have done it alone.”

The close partnership between Talent Acquisition and Marketing, along with the support of HR, Comms and others is what made this campaign so successful.

 After all, a good employer brand will improve the quality of talent at your company and help your company – and every team in it – succeed.