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….how to generate “Big Bang” innovations

Strategizing Practices from the Outliers

Bettina BüchelAlbrecht EndersWilliam A. FischerHoward H. Yu

By Professor Bettina Büchel, Professor Albrecht Enders, Professor William A. Fischer, Professor Howard H. Yu, Ishtiaq Pasha Mahmood, L. Valikangas and Julian Birkinshaw
Contributors: Robert Burgelman, L. Valikangas, Costas Markides, Julian Birkinshaw and Henry Chesbrough
In March 2013, around 300 participants, including top management scholars, consultants and business leaders, attended a special conference for the Strategic Management Society, hosted by IMD and CERN, on identifying, analyzing and learning from outliers, and learning how to generate “Big Bang” innovations. 

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Innovation Governance

How Top Management Organizes and Mobilizes for Innovation

Jean-Philippe Deschamps

By Emeritus Professor Jean-Philippe Deschamps with Beebe Nelson
Innovation governance is a hot topic in the business world. In a fast-paced business environment, the ability of corporate leaders to build purpose, direction, and focus for innovation is more important than ever.In this book, the authors provide a framework for encouraging and focusing innovation by explaining what innovation governance is, the various models for governance and their advantages and disadvantages, how to assess and improve governance practices, and behavioural tactics for maximising the effectiveness of governance. It offers guidance for everyone from the boardroom through senior management, illustrating effective governance models with real case studies from a range of companies in the United States and Europe.
Jossey-Bass, 2014 ● Hardback ● ISBN 9781118588642
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