The Commission on the Future of Management and Leadership created with the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) to pursue that inquiry, bringing together members of both Houses of Parliament, across the main parties, with leaders from a wide range of sectors.

The Commission’s report — Management 2020: leadership for long-term growth — brings together interviews and expert testimony from more than 60 individuals and organisations, plus data from a new CMI survey of over 2,000 business leaders and managers.

CMI has also developed a new Management 2020 Benchmarking Tool to shine a spotlight on the areas identified by the Commission. Completely free to use, managers can assess their organisation and see how they compare to the national average. It provides a tailored read-out for any organisation, allowing them to identify specific areas for improvement and participants will be invited to review and track their progress after a year.

Download the report and find out more about the research, the answers to these questions and the importance of the three key areas of Purpose, People and Potential that form the cornerstone of the Management 2020 Framework and recommendations.

Management 2020: Executive Summary


Commission on Management and Leadership interview: How leaders can improve management