1. Successful organisations believe the organisation’s culture must be changed.
  2. Organisation change requires vision, tenacity and a long-term horizon.
  3. Organisation change requires commitment from top management.
  4. Organisation change requires extensive communication with all stakeholders.
  5. Employees must be empowered and educated so they can exploit their new power.
  6. It is necessary to systematically measure progress and results.

Key elements of success.

  1. Leadership
  2. Culture change
  3. Work force involvement
  4. Communication and measurement
  5. Education
  6. Supportive Human Resource systems
  7. A shared sense of urgency for change

Triggers for change.

  1. Organisations on the brink of disaster that had engaged in change efforts consistently rated triggers higher than organisations not currently in dire circumstances.
  2. Highest ranking triggers
    1. Changing regulatory or legal environment
    2. Competition
    3. Customer dissatisfaction
    4. Declining or increasing profits
  3. Second ranked triggers
    1. Declining or increasing market share
    2. Declining or increasing revenue
    3. Rising costs
    4. Technology change
  4. Third ranked triggers
    1. Employee morale
    2. Merger or acquisition
    3. Public Image
    4. Quality