Claus Thorne Madsen, Partner, Deloitte Denmark talks about how shared services can be used as a platform for growth.
– How can shared services be used to deliver the ‘one company’ approach?
– How do you involve the business in designing the governance model for shared services?

According to HBR research, virtual shared purpose business relationships are enabling companies to standardise their business processes and practice, and change their operating models in ways that drive both efficiency and innovation, faster time to market, and increased productivity.

The development of collaborative skills across your workforce and a more joined up culture is undoubtedly a benefit that will lend itself to greater productivity and better performance. But in truth, the greatest resilience will come from the very heart of best practice collaboration  – shared skills and resources, the chance to learn from others – leading to innovation and new opportunities.

The writer and philosopher Aldous Huxley observed, “Experience is not what happens to a man; it is what  a man does with what happens to him.” The most resilient organisations are eager to learn from their own and others’ experiences, to minimise problems and grasp opportunities.

Frank Lee – Operations – British  Standards Institution (BSI)


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