Strategy That Works: Combining aspiration and execution to create lasting advantage

“Strategy That Works” co-author, Paul Leinwand, brings to life some key concepts from the book. Building on more than a decade of research, he explains how companies like Haier, CEMEX, and Adidas have succeeded over time. “Success comes from making a promise about the value you’re going to create, and then focusing everything you have on delivering that promise. It’s about what you do, not what you sell.”

Paul Leinwand, co-author of Strategy That Works, in conversation with Amy Bernstein, Editor of Harvard Business review.

For more information, check out Strategy That Works, by Paul Leinwand and Cesare Mainardi. Harvard Business Review Press, 2016.

Strategy That WorksStrategy That Works

How winning companies close the strategy-to-execution gap

Based on new research, the book Strategy That Works reveals five practices for closing the strategy-to-execution gap used by today’s winning companies. Packed with tools executives can use for building these five practices into their organization, it is a powerful guide to connecting where enterprises aim to go and what they can accomplish.

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