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1. Pandora Media shares why ‘culture fit’ should be replaced with ‘culture add’

In Pandora Media’s popular breakout, Marta Riggins, Director of Employee Experience & Recruitment Marketing at the radio company, tells us why the world should ban the term ‘culture fit.’ Instead, she thinks this exclusionary term should be replaced with ‘culture add.’ Lisa Lee, Pandora’s Director of Diversity & Inclusion, shows us how ‘culture add’ can be used to start more thoughtful conversations that don’t exclude potentially great talent.

2. Time Inc. argues that millennials are not as lazy, entitled, and spoiled as you might think

Millennials in the workforce are one of Gregory Giangrande’s favorite topics to discuss. As publishing powerhouse Time Inc.’s CHRO/EVP, he knows a thing or two about debunking millennial myths. In his compelling breakout, Giangrande addresses a trendy subject with conventions he feels need to be challenged. “Millennials are not that different from 20-somethings throughout history. We try to pigeonhole them, stereotype them, and reduce them to a cultural stereotype, and we’ll show some provocative things about how 20-somethings at that life stage haven’t really changed…”

3. Atlassian shares how to out-care the competition with candidate experience

Atlassian’s breakout focuses on what companies can do to ‘out-care’ the competition with candidate experience. For Atlassian, a fast-growing, Australian-based global software company, creating a high touch experience for every single candidate has been key to their success. Stressing that there is no time like the present to focus on candidate experience, “If you don’t invest, you will lose,” says Kristen Clemmer, the company’s Head of U.S. and European Recruiting.

Caitriona Staunton, the company’s APAC Recruiting Head, shares, “We realize that we invest a lot of time and energy into the candidate journey, the application process, the interview process, but a lot comes down to how the candidate feels when you’ve extended the offer. It’s pretty heartbreaking as a recruiter to lose someone at that point.”

4. Luxoft explains the need to think and strategize globally, but implement on a local basis

Przemek Berendt, Global Marketing VP at Luxoft, tells us how to win the war for tech talent from a unique perspective. A software engineer by training, Berendt is leading the charge on building the employer brand as a marketer at his global software company.

“Within six years since we launched the [employer branding] function, we managed to hire nearly 10,000 software engineers around the globe,” says Berendt. His breakout emphasizes that talent acquisition specialists need to think as marketers about their brand and how they communicate their brand values to markets. “Think globally, strategize globally, and then implement on a local basis.”

5. Virgin Media shares why their candidate experience was hurting, and how they fixed it

Graeme Johnson, former Head of Resourcing & Employer Brand at Virgin Media, talks to us about measuring candidate experience. Johnson realized there was room for improvement at Virgin Media a few years ago when he started looking at survey feedback. He became concerned about candidates – who had also been customers of the company – who had horrible experiences during the recruitment process and decided to leave. In his session, he talks about how he put a dollar sign on candidate experience, shared the commercial impact of getting it wrong with his business team, and took steps to turn it around.


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