Employees like to be a part of something great.

And companies who get familiar with the wealth of benefits the co-employment relationship has to offer, don’t  miss the opportunity to have a partner that helps them contain and control business costs, ease their administrative burdens, enhance their compliance, improve their cashflow, and become an employer of choice, plus a high performing workplace.

The Co-Employment Partnership takes into account the pressures of time and your need for very practical support in managing people.

Client – Worksite Employer

Manage core business

  • Supporting the employees in the work they do
  • Day-to-day control of all business and operational decisions that affect company’s bottom line

Ownership of the employees

  • Employee selection, recruitment and remuneration
  • Allocate work assignments and tasks
  • Providing worksite employees with the tools, instruments, and safe place of work
  • Track employee performance
  • Track time-keeping
  • Decisions regarding discipline and termination

The Co-employment management company

Administrative  “Employer of Record”

Enhance Company Culture – Employer of choice

Helps employers protect their workers by providing employee benefits.

Health, Wellbeing & Lifestyle

  • GP Helpline and Private Perscription Service
  • Employee Assistance Programme (EAP)

Great savings in everyday shopping, Discounted Retail Offers, and many other great benefits.

Business process improvement & Effortless Administration with best-in-class technology

  • Processing payroll
  • Issuing Payslips Tracking Expenses Administration Reports for SSP, Maternity, Paternity, Student Loans etc.
  • Effecting Wage payments
  • Administering benefits, pensions, auto-enrolment Deductions
  • HMRC Compliance Year-end payroll filing

Compliance – Risk & Liabilities Management & Sharing

  • Complying with regulatory and legislative changes
  • Complying with RTI and all of the necessary tax filings
  • Complying with pension reform & auto-enrolment

Business Protection

  • Advice and support for employment law and health and safety compliance issues, and other employment-related matters and liabilities
  • Assist with hiring and termination guidelines to reduce potential for litigation and Tribunal Claims

Supplement the skills of client in-house HR Team

  • On-demand complimentary expertise and updates on the effects of employer / employee legislation
  • HR best practices advice in administering contracts, workplace policies
  • Mediation & support in addressing employment issues effectively


Quality of Life – Work-Life Balance

  • Premium Health & Wellbeing Benefits Provision
  • Employee Lifestyle Savings & Discounts
  • Emotional Personal Support – Employee Assistance Programme (EAP)
  • Timely and Accurate Payslips and Payments
  • Professional assistance with employment related problems
  • A Better Working Environment
  • Better Employee Relations & Higher Employee Engagement, Satisfaction, Engagement, Motivation, Productivity
  • Best performing, low admin fees pension plan, securing their financial future


The overall result is satisfied, happy, motivated, engaged and productive employees, and a more successful, high-performing workplace.