Great products, skilled employees, and a solid customer base don’t guarantee a successful
business. Not, that is, if success is defined as organic, dynamic, on-going growth.
At a certain point in any business’s development – often just after a growth spurt – momentum slows down. Sales drop off. Manufacturing timelines get longer.
The fact is that the business has entered a new phase. It is bigger, more complex, and more powerful. But until that new length and breadth and depth have been effectively assimilated, those very aspects serve to weigh the business down instead of propelling it upward.
When this transition period is reached, it is a common practice to call together the management team and engage in a serious brainstorming and strategy session. Goals are defined. Objectives are set. Plans are made.

But all too often, what follows is … nothing.

The goals aren’t reached, the objectives aren’t met, and the plans aren’t followed.

Why not?

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