For all those concerns:

  • We must improve and position the company as an employer of choice.
  • How can we improve our employer brand to attract promising candidates with the right talents. The best and the brightest.
  • How can we keep “top performers” on board when they are being lured away?
  • How do we extend more attractive benefits to our employees and administer them more effectively?
  • Are there benefits our employees are asking for that we can’t currently offer?
  • Do we develop programs to retain employees?
  • What hiring needs do we have for the next 12-18 months?
  • How can we Recover Time & Gain Extra focus on driving growth
  • What is the best approach to streamline and reduce cost in our back-office processes?
  • What is the best approach to process and pay our employees
  • How can we maximise the value of our people, while simultaneously helping reduce the administrative burden in managing them
  • How can we improve the reliability of our payroll run, while reducing the effort and money spent on payroll and payments administration?
  • How can we make compliance as a Best Business Practice instead of a Burden
  • How can we Offload Responsibility whilst alleviating the burden of non-compliance and impending deadlines
  • How we simplify HR management processes and reduce employment risks.
  • How do we mitigate risks and enhance compliance with employment regulatory requirements?
  • How do we know that we are in compliance with all labour related laws?
  • Are our employees protected if they have an accident, or a conflict with another employee?

Too many concerns

One answer

The co-employment management company acting as the “administrative employer of record” takes on those responsibilities.

Co-employment is a smart solution that helps streamline business processes and strengthen your company by delivering more profitable business outcomes.

Co-employment offers the right balance to cost savings and business benefits.

A combination of expertise, processes and technology infrastructure. Always up to date with legislation and benchmarked for continuous improvement and exceptional levels of client satisfaction.

Generates significant economies of scale that enable service provision at significantly lower costs, and enhanced levels of quality.


The co-employment management company see and treat your employees as their employees. Takes care of your workforce to build a more dynamic, productive workplace.

So that business owners can focus on driving business growth.

The highest and best use of your time, or your HR person’s time is in building your core business.

Anything else is a step backwards.