Your business will gain from co-employment in many ways:

  • The business owner and staff save significant time, money, and paperwork, as well as the ability to leverage best practice methodologies
  • The co-employment relationship reduces the firm’s employer liabilities
  • You gain a reliable partner to your business at a fraction of the cost of an internal employee
  • Professional HR support when you need it. Up-to-date advice on employment regulations and workers’ rights, worksite safety, and employee wellness
  • Ease of administration burden, reporting and employee queries
  • Business Process Efficiencies
  • Improved time management  – Increase in productivity
  • Professional and accurate payroll, payments & tax filings processing and HR administration
  • Peace of mind with professional regulatory and legislative compliance
  • The company is able to adapt quickly to changes – market, processes and technological advances
  • Access to better and more comprehensive benefits packages –  saving more than 70% on health, wellbeing and other benefits
  • Small firms receive bluechip benefits, choices and lifestyle savings and discounts
  • Enhanced employee engagement
  • Improved absenteeism and presenteeism
  • Strengthened organisational culture and better positioning of your employer brand
  • Creating a positive workplace and attitudes and better job satisfaction
  • Helps reduce staff turnover and attract quality employees
  • Sustainable competitive advantage
  • Potential for increased business growth and improved profitability as the company can put valuable resources to better use and stay ahead of its competition in the marketplace
  • Working from one best practices platform promotes consistency
  • Consistency & Increased HR functionality – incorporated into an integrated database

 Reliable Technology – Streamlined processing

  • Standardised approach – Greater level of automation
  • Promotes  improved efficiency, accuracy and compliance in employee management processes
  • Removal of risk of staff attrition and absence
  • No infrastructure costs
  • No upgrade costs
  • No software or training
  • Security: All confidential and sensitive information is held in a secure, electronic environment which is fully backed-up in adherence with business contingency plans.
  • Disaster Recovery service included

Known. Reduced costs : Through using a single platform and streamlining transactional processes, resources can be reallocated toward revenue generating activities, while eliminating unnecessary costs .

For Your Employees:        

  • Great employee experience – The employees love the benefits service
  • enhance their work/life balance, make fantastic savings, and secure their future
  • Comprehensive benefits previously unavailable
  • Payroll and payments on-time and accurate
  • Better employer/employee relationship
  • Professional assistance with employment related problems
  • Up-to-date advice on workers’ rights, worksite safety


Plus, all payroll and HR answers for your employees. No need to have a dedicated HR resource.

And last but not least, improve your cash flow.

Reinvest the savings made from improving HR administration and the extra funds from your discounted benefits.